Maulana Khawaja Sanaullah Qasmi Chairman

From the
desk of Chairman

Holy Faith Presentation School is an Islamic school; born out of the ideology that only worldly academic education is not sufficient for our ultimate success. Ultimate success for a believer is to be successful in the Hereafter.

The past century has seen an increasing dichotomy emerging between religious education and worldly academic education. On one hand we have the Madrassas that teach only the Islamic theology and on the other hand we have the academic schools that teach only the “Worldly” curriculum.

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Qazi Zahoor Ahmad
Vice Chairman

From the
desk of Vice Chairman

Welcome to the Holy Faith Presentation School. As we claim there is no better way to pay back to the society than providing the most desired and important infrastructure in the form of both Islamic and modern Worldly education.

HFPS is committed to provide excellent all around education in a pleasant and stimulating Islamic environment. The foundation of our school is based on the firm belief that Islamic education should be combined with academic education for the child to be truly successful and to become exemplary citizens.

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Nazia Binti Saeed Secretary Managing Board

From the
desk of Secretary

I would like to thank the Almighty Allah for the past and placing ourselves under his protection and guidance for the future. Children come to school as unpolished gems, as teachers and educationalists cut and polish them to prepare the future

citizens of the society. A teacher’s job is never done as “Life is Education”, but at the school level we give our best go groom the children into worthy human beings. Our endeavor has always been to train our children towards human excellence through four methods-“dedication, discipline, determination and devotion” combined with easeful body,

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Jahan Ara


It is a matter of great pleasure for me to welcome you to the Holy Faith Presentation School. I deem it my honour to acknowledge the fact that we at HFPS strive for the all round development of our beloved students by imparting academic excellence as

well as multidisciplinary skills to every student who walks into the portals of our school. The students are encouraged to involve themselves in various classroom teaching learning activities and a continuous feedback on their performance is given to the parents. Emphasis is also provided on on innovative technology based learning and modern

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